Where are your baked goods produced?

All our baked products are created and baked fresh to order in Singapore at SFA Grade A, FSSC Certified Facility - meaning we meet global food safety standards (Facility handles nuts) so you can always be assured of our quality. Our cookies DO NOT contain nuts or fenugreek, NO added B.S. such as artificial flavourings aka VANILLA EXTRACT or preservatives for the people in our lives who deserve only the best!

Are your cookies Halal-certified?

Our cookies are created and baked at a facility that produces other Halal Certified products - meaning the entire facility cannot handle pork derivatives and alcohol nor brought on site ever ever. However due to complexity and costs involved for a small company like ours (every different flavour will require certification), our cookies cannot bear the حلال mark currently.

Further, the Brewers Yeast we use in our cookies were carefully grown on certified non-GMO sugar beet molasses instead of the typical brewers yeast recovered from the beer brewing process. This means we are Halal Compliant! So you can be assured of the nature of our products. 😊

How many cookies should I eat?

Each bag of cookies contain approximately 200g of cookies or 30 cookies. To start, we recommend eating 8-10 🍪 at a go at least 2 hours before your next latch/pump session for 3 times a day, together with our Lactation Teas or a tall glass of full cream milk! Depending on your response to the cookies, feel free to reduce or increase intake.


Ate recommended 8 cookies and saw great response in yield - feel free to reduce intake to 6 cookies and see how that works out for you.

Ate recommended 8 cookies and did not see response - increase intake to 12 cookies and consume together with glass of our Lactation Teas or a glass of full cream milk! Keep it up as change may only come in couple days after! Important to be consistent.

Everybody is different and unique so required intake and subsequent effects is always different! After all, Lactation Cookies are purely supplemental. Remember to always stay hydrated. Read more about lactation cookies here.

Will I get FAT after eating these cookies?

Is it worth it? Can we werk it? Can I flip my thing down, flip it and reverse it? - you betcha!💃 As a nursing mom you should be consuming at least 500 more calories, making milk is a high energy process gurl!

Of course at the end of the day, gaining or losing weight is about expending more energy than what you're consuming. If you're eating these cookies but also 2 bubble teas a day, potato chips, mashed butter potatoes, maggie mee... and tonnes of other snacks. I think we can all expect what to happen! It's important to eat healthy and nutritiously especially after you've given birth, NOT junk food!

Your body needs all the vitamins and nutrients to heal and care for your newborn. Having nutritious meals will also help with your milk production. It is all about giving your body the right building blocks, the same with these Gooberr Lactation Cookies and Teas - to give your body the best chance of producing more milk by providing it with the right ingredients. It's about making the right choices, this or that? Gooberr Lactation Cookies to help boost/support your milk supply or that pineapple tart? Yummy cookies or that extra helping of rice? Eat smart!

When will I see results?

This truly varies from mommy to mommy! While some experience an increase in milk supply hours from taking 8 cookies, others may require more time and more cookie intake (e.g. 12 cookies) to see/feel anything. Try to take the cookies with a beverage like our tea or milk at least 3 times a day. As lactation cookies are purely supplemental, it's always a hit or miss. While it has worked wonders for some moms to double their supply, for others, not so much so keep an open mind! Read more about Lactation Cookies and how it works here.
Keep in mind to latch/pump often and always always empty your boobs. We don't want a nasty onset of mastitis do we?!

Would love to hear about your experience with Gooberr through email or slide into our DMs over @gooberrofficial on Instagram!

I'm not pregnant or nursing can I partake in the deliciousness?

YASSS! Our cookies are created at a facility that meets global food safety standards and do not contain fenugreek (uterine contraction risk) or eggs (no salmonella risk) so even pregnant mamas can enjoy! Our products can absolutely be enjoyed by any one (save for allergies to certain ingredients, our facility handles nuts).

Most of our food products are highly packed with vitamins and nutrients to support mums and its actually good for all humans! Don't worry you won't start producing milk if you're not actually meant to!

About the cookies

Our cookies are always baked fresh to order we do not keep inventory to ensure freshness. While we strive to maintain consistency in baking, the nature of the ingredients being used, especially since we do not use additives or preservatives to alter the texture or taste of the cookies. Sometimes the amount of cookies baked at the same time can affect the final product. It's a fine line between crispy and burning the cookies, so sometimes the cookies don't turn out as crispy as we like. Insufficient cooling time can also affect the crispness as the cookies are still emitting some heat causing moisture to get locked in the packaging when we pack it. This is because of the oats, flaxseed and brewers yeast in the cookies that love to absorb moisture - which is why we recommend that the cookies be kept in the refrigerator because once exposed to air it starts to absorb moisture fast.

Cookies storage instructions

Because we don't use preservatives, we use opaque packaging to keep out light and moisture, heat sealed immediately on packing to prevent premature breakdown of your cookies before you've even had the chance to enjoy them.

Keep refrigerated upon receiving for up to 3 months unopened. Keep refrigerated after opening for up to two weeks.

Where are your teas from?

Our teas are sourced from all over the world and we use only whole leaves to ensure quality and flavour of Gooberr Lactation Teas. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that all our teas adhere to the highest levels of quality and taste before they are even allowed to sit, I mean, steep... with us. Lol

What are your tea bags made of?

Even better, our pyramid tea bags, string and tea tags are made out of biodegradable plant material so it's super environmentally friendly!

Feel free to throw in your used Goober tea bags around the root system of your plant to support plant growth. The use of tea bags for plant growth will not only nourish the plant as the tea bag decomposes, but aids in moisture retention and weed repression - you're welcome!

I'd like to place a Gift Order.

AWWW, how sweet!! We hope your loved one will enjoy our products as much as you've enjoyed picking it out for them. All you have to do is indicate on cart page that your order is a gift and we will automatically create a Gift Order invoice on delivery without pricing for you. You can also choose to include a note which we can add on to the Gift Invoice.

However, should you want to spice things up more, we offer handwritten gift notes as an add on. Just add to cart and similarly, include your note on cart page. 😊

Refund & Exchanges Policy

Unfortunately, due to the perishable nature of most of our products, we do not offer a returns or exchanges. Food can be very subjective from person to person and we do out utmost at trying to maintain quality and consistency - crispiness, sweetness etc are not basis for refunds or exchanges. However, should you have received a wrong order or any product that is defective please do contact us here to let us know what went wrong!