Perfect gift any time a baby is involved, we're talking baby showers, baby's full month, Baby + Party/Celebration. The world's favorite stuffy for baby along with a personalised crate for storing memories or babys' items PLUS goodies for mommy too. Now you can go back to sitting around and being so thoughtful for thinking of this! Gift set includes:

  • Personalized crate (State Name & Color on Cart Page) 
  • 1 Jellycat Bashful Bunny (medium)
  • Boobkies
  • Boob Juice 
  • Handwritten Note (Leave Message on Cart Page)

*Source of letters may vary from wooden to 3D printed based on availability.

Please indicate on cart page, Baby's Name + Color and your message. Click on the individual links for more information on each product! Do give us a lead time of 4-5 business days after placing your order to bake, prepare and customize your order. 


We offer even more customization of different products should you require it! Just holler at us through email, or message us through the whatsapp link!

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