Best Confinement Centers in Singapore

Best Confinement Centers in Singapore

Having trouble deciding whether to choose a confinement center to stay in or home confinement services? Let us help you! We will talk about some of the confinement centers that we have available here in Singapore, and hopefully to give you a better understanding on what confinement centers are.

Confinement centers are facilities where mummies can stay after giving birth. They provide services to assist in your postpartum recovery journey and offer support in taking care of your little one!

Most confinement centers have nutritious meals that can be customized to suit your postpartum dietary needs, and spa and relaxing services to help recovering mummies get back into shape. 

Here are some confinement centers that you can find in Singapore!


  1. Kai Suites

If you are looking for a luxurious stay, Kai Suites might be the one for you! Newly opened in 2020, Kai Suites is the first ever licensed luxury confinement hotel in Singapore. The hotel is built on the Japanese “Omotenashi” hospitality concept, which means paying attention to the smallest of details and anticipating every need of the guest to deliver an unforgettable experience.  

Kai Suites offers five main pillars of services for its guests: Kai Suites, Kai Care, Kai Cuisine, Kai Spa and Kai Wellness. These five services come together to deliver 24-hour expert care to you and your newborn, led by qualified and experienced nurses. 

Their confinement meals menu is guided by the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) principles of 一休二排三调四健养, which is the process of healing, detoxification, restoration and nourishment. It takes into account the different phases and rate of recovery of mummies to create dishes that are best suited to each individual. They also offer consultation services by TCM practitioners.  

A standard package at Kai Suites begins at $12,000, which includes a 3-month parental program, a 7-day stay after the baby is born, and a 3-month postpartum program.


Address: 26 Dunearn Rd, Singapore 309423



  1. The Clover Suites

Located just a short distance from the East Coast Park, the Clover Suites is the first boutique hotel concept confinement center, offering pre- and postpartum care. As one of the newer confinement centers, the Clover Suites offers luxury confinement services for their guests, from dietitian-planned meals to integrated wellness treatments.

Similar to most of the confinement centers, the Clover Suites provides 24-hour care for both you and your newborn, led by medical professionals and nannies. They also offer premium spa and aesthetic services, including crafted massages for both pre-natal or relaxation, spa services, premium facial and herb hair wash. 

Five meals are served throughout the day, which includes afternoon tea and supper. A team of dedicated in-house chefs and dieticians are committed to serving nourishing meals for mummies to recover and boost milk production. 

The Clover Suites offer two types of room packages: Deluxe and Premium. A Deluxe package starts from $8,888 for a 14-day stay and $15,888 for 28 days. Currently, there is an ongoing promotion that offers $7,888 for the 14-day stay and $13,888 for 28 days. 


Address: 697 East Coast Road 幸孕阁 by The Clover Suites #02-01 Singapore 459060



  1. NewLife Confinement Centre

As one of the longer-standing confinement centers, NewLife confinement center specializes in offering holistic and professional confinement care for both you and your baby. Their nannies have at least 7 years of experience, so you can rest assured that you will be getting only the most professional care during your stay!

What sets NewLife Confinement Centre apart from others is that they provide comprehensive care for newborns, unlike others who mainly focus on mummies. On top of 24-hour constant care, NewLife offers early intellectual development support for newborns. They also offer value-added free services (yes, FREE!), including free pickup service from hospital to apartment and free newborn and photograph package.

Their confinement meals are customizable to each individual mummies’ needs, and include high-class ingredients such as sea cucumber, bird’s nest and fish maw to ensure a nutritious meal for recovery.

A standard package for NewLife Confinement Centre starts from $17,888.


Address: Link @ AMK 3 Ang Mo Kio St 62 #03-16, Singapore 569139



  1. Singjoy

Founded in 2005, Singjoy has more than 10 years of experience in China and Singapore. It offers comprehensive services that look after your every need during your stay there. From pre-natal services such as yoga to maternal care and postnatal recovery, Singjoy is your go-to confinement center if you are looking for support in every step of your childbirth journey! 

Singjoy has an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)-certified lactation consultant that can answer your questions on postpartum recovery, as well as slimming consulting services for mummies who want to get back into shape. 

Their confinement meals menu is curated according to different stages of postpartum recovery. They also offer postpartum slimming meals, which would involve a professional dietitian to customize the recipe for you. 

Their room packages start from $13,800 for a 14-day stay at a two-bedroom unit, where dads and other kids can stay close to the mummy and newborn while giving them some space and privacy too. 


Address: 1 Anderson Rd, Singapore 259983



  1. Singapore Muying Services

Singapore Muying Services is a family-style confinement center with close to 20 years experience in the market. Through blending traditional methods together with modern wellness concepts, Muying aims to deliver a quality stay for postpartum mummies and newborns. 

Apart from the usual confinement services that you can find elsewhere, Muying is an expert in baby care and provides a list of services for your newborn, including umbilical cord disinfection, physiological jaundice, and intellectual development. To add on, they also offer insurance services for maternity coverage for any pregnancy complications and covers against congenital illnesses for babies. 

Their confinement meals menu boasts a wide range of recipes specially curated for recovering mummies, which includes desserts and tonic. 

For package prices on Singapore Muying Services, you can contact them through their socials listed on their website.


Address: 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, Singapore 079903


We hope that this post is helpful in helping you decide which confinement center you prefer. Most confinement centers are fully booked in advance so be sure to make your bookings early!