Got Milk? Tee 🥛


Blame it on my juice. blame it, blame it on my juice cuz... I don't know about you, but gooberr mommies got milk! 🍼

Relax fit Tee for those chill mom days with your other cool mom friends. Slight Crop and loose enough to hide bits of you you're still feeling insecure about (even though we think you look smokin'). 

Approximate measurements do allow for slight variations.

Length 47 50.8 53.3
Sleeve Length 11.4 12.7 14
Chest 48 51 51

Each pack contains 200g of cookies and comes in a nifty resealable bag. While every woman's body is different, most moms notice an increase in their milk supply within hours of eating 8 cookies, we recommend having these with our line of Boob Juice aka Lactation Teas!

Our cookies are baked in small batches with love without B.S. in Singapore at a SFA Grade A facility and heat sealed immediately for freshness so you can ALWAYS be assured of its quality! Do give us a lead time of 2 business days after placing your order to bake and prepare your order.

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