Perfect Multi-tasking COCO 🥥... OAT.

Super multi-tasker for Moms and Bubs - Organic, vegan and gentle as a scrub, mask or no rinse bath soak! When COCO OAT is combined with water, the mixture creates a protective film on the surface of the skin. Perfect for any kind of itchy, inflamed, red, dry, scaly, sensitive skin or skin conditions like eczema. Its' many functional properties make it the perfect gentle cleanser, moisturizer, buffer, as well as a soothing and protective anti-inflammatory agent - straight from mother nature, no extra additives here! Great for all skin types - NOT JUST FOR BABIES. Find out more here!


This one's so clean you could eat it. Made with nothing but organic food grade ingredients, meaning no added fragrances, colorants, sodium lauryl sulfates, parabens, alochols, or essential oils that can be harsh and irritate fragile infant skin. 

Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Colloidal Oats. Food grade for self-care time and your baby’s first and every other bath. Now, that’s luxe! 

Coco Oat Mini Net Weight: 100g (Approximately 13 splashy times for your Little One. Spoon in picture not included.) 

Coco Oat Net Weight: 200g (Approximately 25 splashy times for your Little One. Spoon in picture not included.) 

For Adults: MASK/SCRUB; Mix 1 spoonful with a few drops of water until a thick paste is formed. Apply the paste to skin and leave on for 15 minutes. Remove and wash off with warm water while massaging skin in circular motions. The combinations are endless! Feel free to add honey, aloe or any other of your favorite ingredients for extra benefits!

For Baby: Scoop 2 tablespoons or desired amount of Coco Oats and disperse using fingers into warm bath water, secure baby in tub and splash away! Let baby soak in luxurious oat and milk bath for up to 10 minutes and THAT’S IT - no final rinse off required. Approximately 20 splashy times for your little one.

Store below 30˚C. Use within 3 months of opening.

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